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DIGGING DEEPER: Overdose call numbers more than double in one year

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — 12 News is digging deeper into numbers released Wednesday about overdoses in Broome County. 

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar (D) said between January and August of 2017, 432 overdose calls were made to Broome County 911 dispatch.

To put that number in perspective, between January and August of 2016, only 201 overdose calls were made.

The number nearly doubled in one year. These numbers represent any kind of overdose, meaning it could be from opioid drugs, alcohol or any other substance.

Garnar said lack of treatment in our area is one of the biggest problems contributing to this increase. 

"In terms of having detox beds, in terms of having longer term beds that detox, we don’t have any of those in Broome County," said Garnar. "So that’s something that we have been given a great gift from New York State in terms of a three million dollar annual grant and building one at Broome Developmental."

Last month, Garnar announced the county is now accepting RFP’s from organizations for Broome Developmental to be turned into a treatment center.

Garnar added he hopes to implement more programs to aid people in finding treatment in the future. He said that might include a potential treatment program in the Broome County Jail.


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