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B-Devils Sit-Down – Eddie Lack to start against Belleville

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — After finishing the month of December with just two wins in regulation, the Binghamton Devils look to start the new year fresh. 12 Sports Director Larry Burneal sits down with head coach Rick Kowalsky to discuss.

Q: "Here with Binghamton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky, and coach, new goaltender here in Binghamton in Eddie Lack via a trade with Calgary. What does the veteran goalie add to the rotation?"

A: "Well, he’s going to get an opportunity to play a lot of minutes. Obviously, it’s no secret, it’s been a little bit of a struggle in net. It’s certainly not the results. All of our games have not been because of our young goaltenders, but it’s a veteran presence. It’s a guy with NHL games. Gives us depth in the organization, as well with a third goalie that’s proven. I think if anything, it should give us a boast and some stability in net. He’s going to get an opportunity to play a lot of minutes."

Q: "Should fans expect to see him in Belleville in net?"

A: "Yeah, for sure. It’s not against Kenny Appleby. It’s more, we want to get Eddie playing. He hasn’t played a lot of hockey this year. He has a relationship with New Jersey Devils goalie coach Roland Melanson from back in the Vancouver Canuck days. The big thing is, we’re going to get him as many games as he is comfortable with and get him playing and get him back to form."

Q: "Last two games against Belleville, pretty physical games. Do you expect the same type of atmosphere on Wednesday night?" 

A: "I think so. They are a team that is struggling a bit, too. We’ve had some physical games against them, and I’m fine with that. I think we play better when we are involved and engaged physically in those games, so hopefully that brings out the best."

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