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Kevin Matson – 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

TOWN OF CHENANGO (WBNG) – Kevin Matson likes to play three sports and he also likes to go fast. Probably why he has quickly become a rising sophomore on the Chenango Forks lacrosse team. Matson led the Blue Devils in goals Wednesday night, but maybe the most impressive part of 12 Sports’ Athlete of the Week is Matson is a morning person. 

"He’s always smiling like he is right now," said Chenango Forks senior Sean Wiser. "I’ll see him in the hall and go ‘Hey Kevin’ and he’ll go ‘What’s up, boss?’ Big smile on his face, it’s eight in the morning, everyone is grumpy and he’s ‘Hey’ with a big smile."

Eight in the morning, seven in the evening, Chenango Forks sophomore Kevin Matson could probably score goals in his sleep.

"His shot is insane," said Wiser. "I mean I’ve never seen a sophomore shoot like that. He’s a great player, really growing."

"Being able to see the field," said Chenango Forks head coach David Pavlick. "Also, he has a great shot and his stick skills definitely sets him apart from a lot of kids."

"Just getting out and working the back yard with friends," said Chenango Forks sophomore Kevin Matson. "Getting better."

It’s paid off. Wednesday night Matson scored a team-high four goals and added two assists in Forks’ win over Maine-Endwell. 

"Some guys have a natural shot and some don’t," said Wiser. "He’s got it, for sure."

"He definitely has stepped up," said Pavlick. "We were a little unsure what we were going to do with him at the beginning of the year, but he has definitely proven his point and deserves a spot on the field."

"Starting to get my shot off quicker," said Matson. "The beginning of the year I was just running and hanging my stick and losing the ball."

6-1, ranked No. 14 in the state in Class D, the Blue Devils feel they can play with anyone, but in typical Chenango Forks fashion, the focus is one day at a time.

"Since day one there has definitely been a goal," said Pavlick. "That’s to show up everyday and work hard. It’s been very prevalent. They show up rain, sleet, snow, whatever it may be and they’ve worked hard ever since."

Chenango Forks plays Saturday at Seton Catholic at 1:30 p.m. 

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