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NFL Draft Preview: Tebow gushes over Mayfield

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – The 2018 NFL Draft kicks off Thursday night in Arlington, Texas at AT&T Stadium with the first round. The New York Giants, New York Jets and Buffalo Bills all pick in the top 15. 

2018 NFL Draft First Round

  • No. 2 – New York Giants
  • No. 3 – New York Jets 
  • No. 12 – Buffalo Bills
  • No. 22 – Buffalo Bills

All three teams could select a quarterback in the first round. 

Top Quarterbacks in 2018 NFL Draft 

  • Sam Darnold – USC
  • Baker Mayfield – Oklahoma
  • Josh Rosen – UCLA
  • Josh Allen – Wyoming 
  • Lamar Jackson – Louisville

Rumors swirling on Thursday have Baker Mayfield as the likely first-overall pick to the Cleveland Browns. Mayfield tweeted this on Wednesday showing he is draft day-ready. 

Rumble Ponies outfielder Tim Tebow is also a college football analyst for ESPN and he was gushing about what Baker Mayfield could bring to a football team. 

"I really think Baker Mayfield is someone who is pretty special," said Rumble Ponies outfielder/ESPN college football analyst Tim Tebow. "I think that the way that he can play, the way that he can lead, the "It Factor" that he has, I haven’t seen that from a lot of other players and I am someone who buys into that. It makes a difference in you making other people better. It’s not just about throwing and running and calling a play. It’s about rallying a team and having grown man look at you and respect you and want to play harder for you."

NFL Draft starts at 8 p.m. on ESPN Thursday night. 

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