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Sophia Pappas – 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

CONKLIN (WBNG) – Susquehanna Valley senior pitcher Sophia Pappas is much more than just a flame-thrower. The Saber also mashes at the dish, is a leader on and off the field and a great teammate, helping lead SV to a 13-0 start and No. 1 ranking in the state in Class B. 

"She’s got the whole package," said Susquehanna Valley softball head coach Karen Bidwell. 

Whether she’s mowing down hitters or blasting softball’s into orbit, everyone who faces Susquehanna Valley knows who No. 20 is. 

"You just have so much confidence in her that she’s going to make big plays and come up big for the team," said Susquehanna Valley senior Hannah Haskell. 

13 games in, Sophia Pappas has already tossed two perfect games and three no-hitters. 

"Whenever we don’t have practice, I normally have a pitching lesson or hitting lesson," said Susquehanna Valley senior Sophia Pappas. "I just try to better myself everyday."

As for her hitting, well Hannah Haskell tells that story best.

"I hit behind her and I just know that when she gets up there that I’m going to hit again," said Haskell. "I’m never the first one up in an inning because I just know that she’s going to make a play."

Opposing teams feel the same way. 

"She’s been intentional walked a lot this year," said Bidwell. "So, she hasn’t had a whole lot of chances to hit, but when she’s had the chance, she’s come through."

Clearly star-treatment from the competition, but Pappas has anything but a star’s ego.

"She’s a great teammate," said Haskell. "She’s so encouraging. She apologies when she makes mistakes and we’re like, ‘Sophie, it’s okay. It’s your first mistake in like four games.’" 

Next year, the lights will shine a little brighter playing Division-I for her hometown Bearcats. 

"Soph is, she’s going to add to our pitching staff and we’re thrilled we were able to keep the local talent here coming to Binghamton," said Binghamton University head coach Michelle Johnston.

Right now though, she’s not done making memories with the Sabers.

"Well we always talk about going to states and winning states," said Pappas. "But, I just want to get as far as I can with the team that we have and make it a memorable year."

An individual goal for Pappas is 1,000 strikeouts in her career. She has a shot currently striking out about 13 batters per game. 

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