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19 kittens left abandoned in plastic bag at A.O. Fox Hospital in Oneonta

(WBNG) — Hospital staff may be used to saving lives and Wednesday was no different at A.O. Fox Hospital in Oneonta when employees jumped to the rescue to save 19 kittens that were abandoned in a plastic bag. 

Switchboard Operator Carol Boyd says they heard meowing coming from the women’s bathroom next door to their office. 

That’s where they found a plastic bag full of kittens and brought it to the Susquehanna Animal Shelter. 

Executive Director of the shelter, Stacie Haynes, says unfortunately it’s happened before, but it was still tough to see. 

"It’s one thing if they cats come in and they have their babies, they have their mommy, but when you see all these, 19 babies without their mother, and all they’re doing, you can see in the video, is trying to snuggle up, they’re looking for their mom and it’s heartbreaking," said Haynes. 

She said the kittens were from three or four litters. Some were less than three days old, some two weeks old, and some even older. 

Haynes says they have put them with another mother cat who recently finished nursing her own kittens, in hopes she will nurse these kittens to health. 

"We’re trying to make it work with the other mother cat, but they don’t always just take them so it might not work," she says. 

She says they’re doing what they can to help the animals. Many have already been taken to foster homes. She says a few kittens are only a couple days old and it will be weeks until they are able to be adopted. 

Haynes says the shelter is always looking for kitten food donations. 

Oneonta City Police are currently investigating who left the kittens. 


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