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New York State Police Memorial Day service

SIDNEY, N.Y. (WBNG) — Many came together Thursday in Sidney to honor members of the New York State Police killed in the line of duty.

Major William McEvoy helped lead a special Memorial Day service to honor members of NYSP. 

"Today we honor all troopers and law enforcement officers who passed away in the line of duty, their dedication, their sacrifice to protect the communities we serve," said McEvoy.

Since 1923, 17 state troopers have died while in the line of duty. Of those 17 McEvoy knew four. That includes Trooper Christopher Skinner, who was intentionally struck by a driver on March 29, 2014.

"Trooper Skinner was out there protecting the motoring public, doing his job day in and day out just like every other trooper out there," explained McEvoy. "His life was over in a second."

McEvoy said it’s important to remind troopers about how dangerous their job is, and wants the public to know that an officer’s life can be taken quickly.

The ceremony Thursday also featured a mobile wall. It had pictures and stories of every member of the NYSP killed while serving. 

"You can’t ever forget," said Ken Knapp, who created the wall.

Knapp and his wife started the wall five years ago to keep the memories alive. The wall also has Knapp’s grandfather, Trooper Kenneth Knapp, on it, who was shot and killed in 1945.

Ken Knapp was named after his grandfather, who he said was a leader of the Boy Scouts in Greene and studied at SUNY Delhi.

Knapp takes the wall to various locations around the state so  people can pay their respects.

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