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Sen. Schumer urges “Robocop Act”

(WBNG) — One of our Senators on Capitol Hill says the number of robocall complaints highlights the need for a new piece of legislation.

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is currently pushing the "Robocop Act."

The Democrat says it would require phone carriers to make call-blocking tools free for customers.

Schumer noted Thursday that robocalls are the number one complaint category to the Federal Trade Commission, with 4.5 million robocall complaints in 2017.

But he said the need for the Robocall Act isn’t just to get rid of an annoyance.

"They also can be very, very financially problematic because many of the callers are swindlers and take advantage of the elderly, of the young, and everybody else," Sen. Schumer said.

According to the Senator, robocalls result in hundreds of millions of dollars in financial losses every year.


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