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‘Pothole Killer’ machine paves its way through Oneonta

ONEONTA (WBNG) — A machine has taken over the streets to fill up pot holes and it only takes one person to do the job. 

"It’s one of the biggest complaints you get," said city of Oneonta engineer Gregory Mattice. 

Mattice is talking about pot holes. 

The city decided to rent out a ‘Pothole Killer’ machine from Patch Management. It’s a company based in Pennsylvania. 

The machine can store six tons of stone at at time and in a matter of minutes it can fill in pot holes. 

"It offers some efficiency over our normal patching crew," said Mattice. "Which would be four or five people and it would take them a lot longer to do the same area."

The city’s goal is to be able to patch up a quarter of the city. 

"The city has rented this machine for a week at a time," explained Mattice. "We’re actually doing two weeks for just under $11,000 a week and they’re able to put down twenty-five tons of material."

Pothole Killer machine drivers like David Parker says it’s a rewarding job. 

"It’s thrilling, because sometimes I get to ride over the same ones that they’re going over even on my way out or my coming back into the job depending on how long I stay in that area," said Parker.

This is the first time the city of Oneonta has used the machine. This is also the last week they’ll be using it in the area. 

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