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Dog gets second chance after incredible rescue

(WBNG) — A dog at a local animal sanctuary is getting a new lease on life, after being on the verge on death. 

Lex was found in a sand pit in Africa with his hind legs cut off and infected. 

When Willow Sullivan, the owner of Willows Wings in the town of Maine, was contacted about him, she took him in almost immediately. 

Without two of his legs, Lex isn’t the most comfortable. 

But thanks to specialists at Cornell University, Lex can now walk again with the help of a prosthetic. 

"The prosthetic company said they have never fitted a two-and-a-half legged dog, but if there’s any dog that’s going to meet this challenge its going to be Lex," Sullivan said.

If you’d like to help Willows Wings, check out its Facebook page.


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