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Owego teen beats personal records at USA Special Olympics

SEATTLE, WA (WBNG) — On Thursday, Owego teen Jared Lamb will compete in his final race at the 2018 USA Special Olympic Games in Seattle. 

His mother told 12 News on Wednesday, he finished in 5th place after running in the 100-meter relay. He then went on to set personal records by finishing 7th in the 200-meter relay and 5th in the 400-meter relay. 

"I absolutely cried during the 400," said Jared’s mother, Julie Lamb. "Just how fast he was running, how hard he was pushing himself, and he passed two guys and he just amazes me… Then we we found out that he beat his record by six seconds, it was just heartwarming."

We met Jared Lamb last week before he left for the Special Olympics Games in Seattle.

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He’s been there with his family since the opening ceremony on Saturday. 

"It was very emotional for us to watch the opening ceremony, and it was very exciting for him," said Julie Lamb. "I love to watch him when we were standing in the stands and he was really excited."

Jared’s parents and two of his brothers watched, as the 16-year-old walked into the games alongside the more than 50 other athletes from New York. 

"This is an amazing experience. as a mother. to watch your child compete in any of these events," said Julie Lamb. "It’s just awesome to see all of the athletes, how hard they try, and how they push themselves."

Jared is very excited to be staying in college dorms with a roommate who is also a teammate of his in the relay races. While Jared is hoping to get his first medal during his final race on Thursday, his mom said he has been excited the entire trip just to be there."

"Special Olympics is just amazing what they do for these kids," said Julie Lamb.

Jared Lamb is set to compete in the International Games in March, in the United Arab Emirates. 

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