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Abandoned construction project frustrating residents in Johnson City

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) – Residents living on Grand Avenue in Johnson City say an abandoned construction project is causing major headaches.

Several people reached out to 12 News about their concerns with the project.

"I just want to know what’s going on," said Suzanne Kettle, who lives across from the construction site.

Johnson City’s Department of Public Works started a sewer project in mid-June and some residents are wondering why construction trucks have been left in front of their homes for more than two weeks.

"I just assumed it would be a day. I just figured they would do what they need to do and keep going," said Nadine Anderson who lives right in front of the site.

According to the Department of Public Works, a gas line in the road is what halted the work.

"They had hit my NYSEG line that comes into my house. After they patched that, they had to come in to turn on the gas and everything, but nothing has moved since then," said Kettle.

Two and half weeks later, construction vehicles are still parked on the street and are blocking a side of the road, even cutting off access to some driveways.

"You have me held hostage it feels and I can’t come and go," said Anderson.

Neighbors say they’re also seeing damage to the sidewalks.

"Every day I watch the curb sink deeper into the ground over there. Sidewalks pulling away from the driveways," said Kettle.

"I have to hold my grandson’s hand because he could fall in this," said Anderson.

"I like playing outside, I’m one of those outside kids that like to run around in the sun, but I can’t do that," said 10-year-old Carter Morean, Anderson’s grandson.

The owner of JC bar and Grill on Grand Avenue tells 12 News that ever since construction stopped, it has left his sidewalk in pieces and has left parking very hard to find for his customers.

The Department of Public Works tells 12 News it’s planning to have the equipment moved soon and the hole filled.

Some residents are hoping it will happen sooner rather than later.

"I understand problems happen. I get that, I understand that. Give me back my driveway," said Anderson.

DPW officials say they plan to meet Friday with the contractors, NYSEG, and the town of Union, which is funding this project.

DPW hopes to have most of the equipment removed sometime next week.


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