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Fenton Free Library mulls expansions with eye set for 2020 start date

TOWN OF FENTON (WBNG) — The Fenton Free Library is looking to expand.

Local leaders met this morning to discuss the project. The library’s board of trustees contracted Delta Engineering to explore the possibility of adding a 15-hundred square foot addition to the building.

They plan on using that area as a community space and say the expansion will help them keep up with changing times.

"We need to really think about what a library represents, and one of the biggest things that libraries need to change into or move over into is a community center. And that is a big part of why we need more space and more area." said Korin Spencer, Director of the Fenton Free Library.

The cost of an expansion would likely come from an assortment of grants and support from local organizations. If approved, officials say construction could begin in 2020.


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