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K-9 unit gives Vestal Youth Police Academy a “dog day”

VESTAL (WBNG) — It was a day for the dogs at Vestal High School Wednesday.

As part of the Youth Police Academy put on by the Vestal Police Department, the K-9 unit visited with state troopers. They presented to camp participants on how to become a part of the K-9 unit, along with showing the dogs in action.

Outside, troopers simulated a training session with the dogs. This session included a muzzled take-down of a criminal and the removal of a criminal from a car with the help of the dogs.

The visit is just one of many different hands-on experiences offered. Even though it’s one of many, the K-9 visit is one of the most anticipated of the academy.

"This is actually one of my favorite days. Seeing the dogs, seeing what they do. Learning about, uh, the police work, learning how you can protect your community, what you can do to benefit the town," said upcoming Vestal High senior Colin Gowe.

This is Gowe’s third year at the academy, and he encourages everyone, even those not interested in police work, to take part. Some students actually have been inspired to go into the force, including graduated senior Bryant Mabee. His plans to become a firefighter in the Syracuse area.

"Become a bunk-in firefighter up there and hopefully come back here to become a police officer," said Mabee.

Lieutenant Stace Kintner of the Vestal Police Department, the man who helped get this program started, hopes it continues well into the future. The academy is already in its seventh year and has grown from 17 participants to 35 participants this year.

For everyone involved, seeing the dogs and all the impressive work they do was certainly inspiring.


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