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New outdoor laser tag attraction in Broome County

VESTAL (WBNG) — A new type of fun has made its way to the area at Chuckster’s Family Entertainment Center in Vestal. 

Chuckster’s has a brand new attraction: outdoor laser tag.

"It’s kind of like playing paint ball, but you don’t have the mess," said Chuckster’s Family Entertainment Center Owner and General Manager Randy Stutzman. "You’re playing a laser tag game, but it’s kind of that experience."

The game is entirely wireless. It’s controlled by Wi-Fi that blasts from the trees.

"You’re just firing invisible lights at each other and there’s sensors that each of the players wear," explained Stutzman. 

To play the game you need a laser tag gun and wear a sensor on your head. Competitors pull the trigger on the gun and aim it at their opponents sensor.

"If it detects that, just like your TV detects when you turn on your TV with infrared, it will light up and tell you, you got hit," said Stutzman.

Participants can either play in groups or compete against one person. Chuckster’s is offering a limited time offer.  For $5, you can play for six minutes and an additional three minute team game bonus.

Those who gave the new game a try say they we’re pretty excited about it. "It was like Call of Duty," said Nicholas Potter, of Vestal. "I tripped once, which wasn’t very enjoyable but Ridge was like literally snipping me."

The owners of Chuckster’s say they plan on adding outdoor lights for games at night. 

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