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Trenton, N.J. officials offer advice to Binghamton for 2020 All-Star Game

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY (WBNG) — The Rumble Ponies are keeping a close eye on what it takes to put on an All-Star celebration like this. Binghamton will play host to the game in 2020. Our community came together to help make it happen.

Many of you used the hashtag #BingItHome. The massive social media campaign helped Binghamton score the honor of hosting the Eastern League All-Stars.

Of course, there are some big benefits to playing host. The celebration draws crowds from near and far, giving a big boost to local businesses.

The Trenton Downtown Association says between the home run derby and the All-Star game, the city expects to have 20,000 people coming through.

And in the week alone, it says it may bring in another 3,000 to 4,000 thousand dollars. But, executive director of the Trenton Downtown Association Tom Gilmour, says the city has seen a positive impact even before the week of the game.

"I know that people have come in to visit the city prior to the game, especially some of the representatives from some of the teams in the league and things like that to sort of check it out." said Gilmour

With the city of Binghamton hoting the game in 20202, Gilmour says the best thing to do to boost the economic impact is for businesses to start promoting early.


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