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Inside look into background of Spiedie Fest

DICKINSON (WBNG) — Professionals in our area got an inside scoop on how Spiedie Fest is organized and what goes into it Tuesday night.

Organizer Dave Pessagno shared with members of Binghamton Project Managers Institute the rich history of the Spiedie Fest and how they found their footing.

Attendees learned about the business model and how it takes $600,000 to conduct a big event such as Spiedie Fest.

The money is split up to go into Vendors, Gate Management, and Entertainment.

Hallie Friedman, Programs officer of the Project Managers Institute of Binghamton said a lot of work goes into it.

"It’s something that maybe they don’t call project management, but it is. Getting all the vendors together and getting all the stakeholders as we call them to organize this event is our project management and we love to hear about that in different industries," said Friedman.

Otsiningo Park is getting redressed for Spiedie Fest.

The festival kicks off on Friday, August 3.


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