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Tioga County Fair officials ready to redeem themselves for this year’s big event

OWEGO (WBNG) — As the Tioga County Fair approaches quickly in August, organizers of the event say they have made plans to make sure the fair is special for everyone.

At last year’s Tioga County Fair, leaders of the event say they were disappointed with all of the things that went wrong and made it a not-so-enjoyable time.

"Last year, we had some issues with carnival people," said President of the Tioga County Fair Board, Jonathon Marks. "They had issues with getting their safety inspections done, so they couldn’t fulfill their contract. That led to a lot of disheartened people coming in, expecting to have the rides which we were unable to provide."

However, Marks says he has made it his goal to redeem himself from last year.

"This year, we kind of went out on a limb and hired the best carnival that was available," said Marks.

In addition to the rides for the carnival, Marks says there will be the demolition derby, horse demonstrations, petting zoo’s, and a lot more.

There is also a special for local businesses! Marks says the Tioga County Fair already has the food vendors set and ready to go, but he is inviting any local business to set up a vendor for free and give back to the people.

Marks says it’s an effort he is making because he has been a part of the Tioga County Fair his entire life.

"I’ve seen the up’s and down’s that this fair has gone through. As a child, it was a wonder, it was just something spectacular, so we’re trying to bring that back," said Marks. "We want you to come and see all that we have to offer."

The fair runs Tuesday, August 7 through Saturday, August 11. More information on the fair can be found here.


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