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BACK-TO-SCHOOL: Are you vaccinating your children?

VESTAL (WBNG) — When it comes to wrapping up your summer plans, pediatricians say getting vaccinations should be a priority.

"Kids do get admitted to the hospital for those kinds of infections and can get very sick from them," said Vestal Pediatrician Dr. Connor Fitzpatrick.

He said diseases move even faster in school environments.

"Kids especially, in close contact in schools and things like that, don’t always have the best hygiene, so they’re coughing in each others faces and not washing their hands like they’re supposed to," said Fitzpatrick.

He said all vaccines are important, with no one disease rising above the rest.

From the mumps, measles and rubella shot to pneumonia and whooping cough vaccines, every child that’s protected makes a difference.

"So there’s something called herd immunity which is really important for vaccination, it’s sort of the idea that if everyone has the vaccine, it sort of prevents these illnesses from spreading," said Fitzpatrick.

But not everyone agrees. 12 News reached out to viewers on Facebook.

Dawna said her son was developmentally on track until he got his shots at 2-years-old. That’s when things changed.

She said, "My kids will never get another vaccine as long as they are under my roof."

Megan said she knew at least two people whose children had devastating complications from vaccines.

"All these parents are going out there and they’re looking online and seeing things that scare them and the things that are sometimes out there on the internet can be scary and we understand that," said Fitzpatrick.

But doctors say getting vaccinated goes a long way in keeping your children safe.

"A lot of those things that are out there aren’t necessarily true and hopefully they can come to understand what’s going on and come around to the vaccines."


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