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Cleaning up after devastating floods in Northern Pennsylvania

HALLSTEAD, Pa. (WBNG) — Although the rain may have stopped, clean up is just getting started after devastating floods ripped through the Twin Tiers.

"We’ve just been at it for the last three days ever since it started raining, we’ve all been at it," said Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Foreman Harold Empett. 

"We’ve been moving a lot of sediment that’s washed down off the hillsides, a lot of trees that have washed down through the different ditch lines and everything and in the creeks that are blocking up the creeks, so we’re trying to get things opened up so they do go through the bridges, underneath the bridges that we have here," he continued.

Local resident Harley Timm had his driveway turned into a mudslide due to the flood.

"Everything is just a wash out over here," said Timm.

"This used to be a shed, where we stored some of our stuff, but the bottom of it just washed out," Timm continued.

The flood washed through his outdoor shed, ruining toys and clothing that his daughter would one day use.

While the storm flushed away his property, his primary concern was his family.

"I was just wondering how to keep my family protected."

Timm plans to take the damage one day at a time.

"I’m going to start here this afternoon, try and get some of this taken care of, it might be 10 o’clock before I even get in back inside," he said.

While Timm works on his property, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will work on the rest.

"We’re trying to get the roads open, trying to work with all the constituents, and all the residents here in the area, to make sure they can get back to their residencies, and at least get out and get groceries, or whatever they need," said Empett. 

The DOT urges people to stay off the roads that crews are working on so they can work to have them completely cleared for all drivers.


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