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Kirkwood bridge needs to be repaired shortly after upgrades

KIRKWOOD (WBNG) — After investing $10,000 in the covered bridge just a month ago, Kirkwood officials were proud of the Kirkwood Park structure and the uses residents could get out of it.

"People have gotten married there, we’ve had all sorts of occasions there. It’s a shortcut to the park obviously, and we just love it," said Gordie Kniffen, the Kirkwood Town Supervisor.

However, that bridge was badly damaged during Tuesday’s floods in the town. Now, officials are hoping that the damage isn’t as bad as it looks.

"We’re gonna try bringing a crane out here and put a beam underneath it and lift it back up onto its foundation and once its there we can assess the true extent of the damage," said John Finch, the Kirkwood Commissioner of Public Works.

If the damage is only superficial and not structural, officials say repairing the bridge will be simple and not overly expensive compared to the estimated $1M they say it will take to fix all of the damage across town.

If the damage is structural, town officials are unsure what the future of the bridge will be.


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