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Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen will be home for goats rescued on NYC subway tracks

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WBNG) — After two goats were rescued from subway tracks in New York City, Jon Stewart has made a home for them in Watkins Glen.

Stewart and his wife are supporters of Farm Sanctuary, located in Watkins Glen. 12 News visited the farm today to see where the goats will live once they are healthy enough to be relocated. 

Tara Hess, Watkins Glen Shelter Director, said the goats are currently receiving medical attention at Cornell University.

"One is really really sick and that’s not uncommon when they’re coming from hideous conditions and then the tranquilizers can also make them sick," Hess said.

Once the goats are healthy enough to go to their forever home in Watkins Glen, they will live a life free from harm.

"We make sure that they’re fed properly, that they have adequate healthcare but beyond that we make sure that their environment is enriching," Hess said, "goats should be able to graze and play and browse so we make sure they can do all those things here."

Hess said Farm Sanctuary is home for 700 other farm animals. Even though they already have many animals on the farm, Hess said she can’t wait to meet the two rescued goats.

"I’m just excited to see who they are because all of these animals are different so it’s interesting to see what they’re personality is like and then it’s also really rewarding to see how they transform once they realize they’re safe," Hess said. 



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