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Josh Chandler – 12 Sports Athlete of the Week

UNION (WBNG) — Josh Chandler scored touchdowns on his first two carries of the season Friday night during Maine-Endwell’s victory against Oneonta, earning the Maine-Endwell senior 12 Sports’ Athlete of the Week award. 

"Four yards is what we plan on getting," said Maine-Endwell head coach Matt Gallagher. "Now that his speed, and the way he’s seeing the field this year, the cuts that he’s making, is hopefully going to make those four yards into maybe a couple 88 (yard carries) on the way."

Chandler went 88 yards on his second carry of the season, setting the stage for a big Spartans victory against Oneonta. 

"I saw that," said Maine-Endwell senior lineman AJ DeSantis. "That was the first play of the drive and it went 88 yards on a trap and we just knew it was setting the tone early."

Chandler’s first carry of the season, also a touchdown.

"Blocks were very well executed," said Maine-Endwell senior fullback Josh Chandler. "So, that’s pretty much were it all came from."

By the end of the first quarter, Chandler had more than 100 yards rushing and three scores.

"He’s probably a combination of a lot of the other backs that we’ve had," said Gallagher. "He’s the fastest fullback that we’ve had and he hits the hole probably the quickest. He’s not the size of Darnell (Woolfolk) and Nick (Sorrenti) and guys like that, but he brings that aggressiveness to it."

Following in the footsteps of the Maine-Endwell fullbacks that came before him.

"I looked up to all the varsity players," said Chandler. "Nick Sorrenti, especially. He was always my idol. That’s why I wear No. 44 on my back."

Now through his own determination, the next generation of Spartans will be looking up to him.

"You will not find a harder worker," said Gallagher. "You won’t find a kid that’s as dedicated to the team as he is."

Chandler and Maine-Endwell are at Johnson City Friday night at 7 p.m. 

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