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Japanese artist comes to Southern Tier for First Friday

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts brought in an artist from Japan for this month’s First Friday Art Walk.

His name is Hisaya Taira and his artwork is world re-known. 

"I took a look at the work and said I need to do whatever I can to contact him, and I need to represent him," John Brunelli, gallery director of Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts, said.

 Taira’s form of artwork is called photo realism, which is a painting that looks like a picture Much of his inspiration comes from New York City.

Even though Taira doesn’t speak much language, he can communicate through art.

"The wonderful thing about the fact that we are both artists is that we can speak on a level that people who aren’t artists can’t, and you just know, and that’s wonderful," Anthony Brunelli, gallery owner, said.

Taira told 12 News he wants people viewing his art to feel the atmosphere of America through his paintings. 


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