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Local family raises childhood cancer awareness for teenage daughter

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and for one family in the area it hits close to home. 

The Shaw family is raising awareness for their 13-year-old daughter Maddie Shaw. 

She was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma in 2013. It’s a rare type of cancer that occurs in and around the bones. 

"It started in her hip and spread to her lungs," said Maddie’s mother Amy Shaw. "It came back twice in her lungs and then a month ago we found out that it did spread to the left side of her brain."

Four weeks ago Maddie had brain surgery. Doctors were able to remove the mass in her brain. 

After undergoing radiation she pushed herself to go to her first day of freshman year just last week.

"She has proven time and time again with all the surgeries that she has, she is so tough," said Amy. "She is so determined and we’re just so proud of that."

In the month of September Amy has decided to take part in Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.

It’s a nonprofit organization dedicated in raising funds for new treatments and cures for all children battling cancer. 

"So trying to help fund organizations that will do research, cancer research, and start some clinical trials that can maybe help them find a cure for her because right now it doesn’t really exist," said Shaw.

The Shaw family has taken part in a national challenge with the nonprofit to try to walk the most miles and raise the most money. 

So far they’ve been able to raise more than $9,000 and complete more than 2,000 miles. 

They’ll have the rest of the month to top that for team Maddie’s Million Miles. 

"We’ve just been blown away with how much we’ve been able to raise so far," said Amy. 

The family says they’ve been overwhelmed with community support. Between letters they receive in the mail and welcome home signs in their neighborhood when Maddie returned home from her surgery. 

If you’d like to follow along with Maddie’s journey, click here. 

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