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Conservation Weekend at the Binghamton Zoo to highlight red pandas

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Binghamton Zoo is highlighting red pandas for its final conservation weekend of the summer.

The zoo welcomed a newborn red panda, named Adzuki, back in July. Zoo officials said Adzuki is doing extremely well and gets more adventurous each day.

"He’s walking around. He’s wobbling a little bit, but you know, that just takes time. He’s going to be a little more adventurous, he’s going to make his way out of the box," Rachel Davenport, the Binghamton Zoo Public Relations Coordinator, said.

Davenport said Adzuki is starting to come out of his nest more. She said it’s possible guests will see him out and about this weekend.

To celebrate Red Panda Days, the zoo is going to have crafts, a book sale, and a scavenger hunt on Saturday and Sunday at the Zoo. 


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