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Delaware County residents fight blight, want buildings knocked down

SIDNEY CENTER (WBNG) — Community members are calling three buildings on Main Street an eye sore. 

There are three vacant houses visibly falling a part on the street. 

"The last ten years or so it’s really gone down hill," said Julie Byrnes of Sidney Center. 

She says the buildings need to be knocked down.

"It’s important because it’s right in the middle and we’re all so disgusted with it because you’re coming right through the middle of town and seeing nothing but destroyed houses and it’s sad," she said.

Other residents in town have also expressed their concerns. 

"There’s a business down the road that just houses building supplies," said Michael Hromada of Sidney Center. "A lot of people go there everyday and this is what their impression of Sidney Center is and that’s not what we want. It’s a wonderful community with wonderful people."

Sidney Town Supervisor Gene Pigford says he’s trying his best to work with people in Sidney Center to make changes. 

"It’s not been a pleasant thing for me personally to look at these properties and to know that they’re a discouraging eye sore for people who take a great deal of pride in their community and we want to respond to that as best we can," Pigford explained.

The buildings have been in the area for several years and for more than a year they’ve been claimed to be hazardous.

Pigford says the only hold up to knock down the buildings are the property owners. 

"We’re strongly encouraging them to hand the properties over to the town so we can take appropriate steps to take them down," he said. 

He also notes he’s heard back from some property owners. 

"Some of them are at the point where they’re ready to hand them over to the town so we can properly address the concerns the people here in the community have," he added. 

He says by this year if all pans out well there should be major improvements on Main Street. 

"Hoping that very shortly before the snow flies we’ll see these three buildings down," Pigford said.  "We’ll see the septics and the wells filled in."

He also says there will be a meeting Thursday night with the town board to try to get a resolution on this issue. 

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