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Nixon not concerned about polls ahead of Thursday’s primary

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — 12 News caught up with Cynthia Nixon, who is challenging Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his seat as governor.

The democratic gubernatorial primary election is on Thursday and Nixon said despite what polls predict, she’s confident.

"We are feeling such momentum. Not just in New York city, but across the state. I was in six different cities last weekend and um people just keep coming up to me in drove saying, ‘I’m a registered democrat, I’m voting for you. Thank you for giving me an alternative we’ve got to get him out of there,”" Nixon told 12 News.      

Specifically in the Southern Tier, Nixon said she plans to focus on economic development. 

She said this can be done by investing in transportation, human service jobs, and women and minority-owned businesses.

Nixon also said she plans to invest more money in SUNY schools.

If Nixon doesn’t win the primary, she said she will still fight for education funding.

"One of the most important issues to me is full funding, in particularly more equitable funding for education, which is something I’ve been fighting on for 17 years," Nixon said.

Governor Cuomo spent Wednesday at a rally in Westchester County.

He spoke at the rally about how he will fight Washington on many issues.

"They think they’re going to roll back Roe V Wade, over my dead body, we’re going to protect a woman’s right to choose in the state of New York," said Gov. Cuomo.

A Siena College Poll was released on Monday showed Cuomo leading over Nixon.


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