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More residents speaking out about unusually high water bills

JOHNSON CITY/BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — After releasing a story about a Johnson City man receiving an unusually high water bill, more viewers reached out sharing a similar experience.

12 News dug deeper and learned high water bills are not exclusive to Johnson City. One Binghamton resident said her family’s water bill doubled for the month of September.

“This month my mom went and checked the water bill with my brother and they were both dumbfounded. It was 800 dollars,” Alexis Soukthavong, resident of Binghamton, said.

Soukthavong said her family was confused by this high bill because they aren’t home very often. When they are home, she said they drink bottled water and take short showers.

We reached out to the Johnson City Water Department. Officials said the culprit for a high water bill is usually a leak. They said the department is not responsible for leaks and advise residents to check their meters on a regular basis.

To learn information on checking your meter or billing rates, officials encourage visiting their website.

Soukthavong said her family has already checked her home and meter. She said there is no indication of a leak.

Now, she said her mom has no choice but to pay the bill.

“If we don’t pay it then it goes up an extra 100 dollars…so we have to. We just gotta pay it,” Soukthavong said.

12 News is still digging deeper and hopes to learn more from the Johnson City and Binghamton Water Departments.

Grace Gagnon

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