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Voter registration deadline October 12

(WBNG) — The deadline to register to vote is Friday, and election officials say the number of registered voters is increasing.

Social media has helped the movement of getting more people to register.

Singer Taylor Swift made a post on Instagram earlier this week, urging her followers to register on

And she proved her power. says since the post, more than 231,000 people under the age of 30 have registered.

Not only is there an increase in young voters nationwide, our area sees it too.

“I could tell you as somebody who has been doing this for a few years there’s a different kind of energy around it this year. People are really focused on making sure they’re ready for election day,” said Binghamton University Graduate Assistant at the Center for Civic Engagement, Ben DeAngelis.

DeAngelis says there is a campus-wide effort to help students get involved in the voting process.

“We put on a pretty robust program to make sure folks are registered to vote. We go and visit students in their classes, make announcements there, we’ve tabled all over campus, at the downtown center, in dining halls and really meeting students wherever they are,” said DeAngelis.

The Broome County Board of Elections says it’s been an especially busy time for them as well.

Since the primaries on September 13, there have been 6,000 requests to the Board of Elections office and 2,000 of those requests have been new voter registrations.

Elections officials say it’s not only because it’s a gubernatorial election year.

“I think it’s because we have local races this year for town races, for county legislature, I think it’s also that we have congressional races in Broome County so that can be an influence, a factor as well,” said Broome County Board of Elections Commissioner Phil Grommet.

With the deadline to register October 12, there are still ways you can get yourself ready to vote in the November election.

You can visit the Board of Elections office in your county and fill out a registration form in minutes.

You can also mail a form in, but it must be postmarked October 12.

Forms can be found on Board of Elections websites or at a post office.

The Department of Motor Vehicles also has an online portal where you can register.

October 12 is also the last day to change your primary affiliation, ahead of next year’s primaries.

Annie Flaherty

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