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Tajiri the giraffe to stay at Animal Adventure Park

HARPURSVILLE (WBNG)–  An Animal Adventure Park announcement has April the giraffe fans excited. The park posted on Facebook that April’s calf Tajiri is no longer being relocated to North Carolina.

Jordan Patch, owner of Animal Adventure Park, said a few factors played into keeping Tajiri in the Southern Tier.

“There were delays of construction of his new facility, among other things that frankly made us more comfortable keeping Tajiri under our watchful eyes,” Patch said.

He said money was not a motivator.

“I find it very interesting when the question gets asked how much money we’re gonna make and how much money we’re gonna save. With animals, the more animals you have, the more money it costs,” Patch said.

Patch said it costs about $50,000 to take care of one giraffe per year. Tajiri’s new facility is estimated to cost about $175,000. Even though it’s expensive, zookeepers said the space will be good for Tajiri.

“It’s gonna help him out, developing a whole lot, to have his own spot, his own space, and a whole new barn just for him,” Kyle Stanchak,a  zookeeper at the park, said.

While it may have been tough for Tajiri fans to say goodbye, him leaving home would have been ideal, according to Patch.

“Quite frankly, the ideal situation is that the offspring does not stay at Animal Adventure the ideal is that the offspring leaves our park and carries on their mission of propagating, which is spreading out their genetic diversity among captive populations,” Patch said.

Tajiri’s new facility will be part of ‘Wild of Asia,’ another new exhibit coming to the park. He will now join other animals like otters, camels, antelopes, and other species.


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