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Parent and student react to threat made toward Vestal High School

VESTAL (WBNG) — Extra staff were present at Vestal High School after a threat was made toward the school Wednesday night on social media.

The district says it determined the threat was not credible.

Both students and parents say they were shocked when they were notified last night about the post through a text from the district.

“It’s very scary, especially with all the other shootings at other schools,” said Shawna Shaw, the parent of a ninth grader at Vestal High School.

Vestal Central Schools declined an on-camera interview, but directed 12 News to a statement posted on its website.

In part, it reads “We have taken immediate action to have this situation assessed. School administration and our school resource officer collaborated with the Vestal Police Department and we have concluded this is not a credible threat.”

The Vestal Police Department was unavailable for an on-camera interview, but it called the post “baseless and not factual” on its Facebook page.

It says the person who made the post was interviewed, as well as a few others as a precaution, and that’s when it was concluded the threat wasn’t only not credible, but also not intended.

Parents say it’s still scary.

“A threat is a threat, whether it was a joke or not. Look at all these other schools, some didn’t even take it seriously and look at what happened,” said Shaw.

While the high school did have extra staff available today, some students say they wish even more precautions were taken.

“We kind of were just able to walk in, I went out to lunch for like 20 minutes and I came back in and nobody checked my bag,” said ninth grader Lastasya Shaw.

She says you can never be too safe.

“I just think that its sad we have to worry about going to school every day and then when it happens to our school it’s just like wow,” said Shaw.

The Vestal Police Department says it continued to be vigilant throughout the day and available to students, staff, and school visitors.

In the statement issued by the district, it assures that parents and staff will be notified if any further developments are made.

Annie Flaherty

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