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Rescued sheep and donkey now living healthier lives

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (WBNG) — Six months after being rescued from a property in the Town of Sanford, four sheep and a donkey are living healthier lives at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen.

“You can tell they were in pretty bad shape,” said Farm Sanctuary National Shelter Director, Susie Coster who told 12 News the condition they found the animals in back in April. “Sheep were all matted, the wool was really matted with burs the donkey had broken off hair.

The organization stepped in when police were called to search his property at 34 Hawkins Rd. in Sandford. Authorities say they found four sheep, a donkey, two cats, two silver foxes, and two red foxes who were severely malnourished. The animals were seized and, some of them, the donkey and sheep were taken to Farm Sanctuary.

“When we went and sheered [the sheep] we not only found out how skinny they were, but they were coated in lice,” explained Coston who described the animals as emaciated.

As for the donkey, who has since been named Luke, Coston said he had mange, growths in ears and he was underweight. “He looked so rough, and he was really really upset when he came in,” explained Coston, adding it took a month for him to calm down.

Luke could potentially be adopted in the near future. Coston said he is too aggressive with other animals and will be neutered in the coming weeks, before going to live with other donkeys at the sanctuary.

“When you look at him now, his hair is beautiful, and he’s healthy he’s at a great weight,” said Coston about Luke the donkey who weighed 60 pounds less than he does today. “He looks just absolutely perfect.”

The sheep are still scared of people, and they too are regaining the strength to soon live with other sheep at the 275 acre facility.

“The future is bright, their future is fantastic,” said Coston. “They’re going to have a great life.”

Farm Sanctuary has 700 animals, all who have been rescued through donor and grant funding. The four sheep and one donkey rescued from John Elmer’s property cost the $10,000 to save.

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