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Historic cemetery tours allow attendees to get in touch with Ithaca’s roots

ITHACA (WBNG) — The final historic tour of the Ithaca City Cemetery for the season took place Sunday afternoon, and attendees were treated to a beautiful day in a spooky setting.

The first person buried in the cemetery was a woman named Rachel Allen, who died all the way back in 1791. It is still unknown to this day exactly where she is interned.

The hour and fifteen minute long tour takes place every Saturday and Sunday of October leading up to Halloween, and organizers say it is a great chance to get in touch with the roots of the city.

The most notorious people buried in the cemetery are Lottie and Mary Heggie. The two sisters were posioned by their mother a year part from each other, in a sensational case that captured the attention of the entire nation more than 150 years ago.

The program is paid for by a state Council of the Arts grant, and organizers said many of the people who take the tour say it helps give them a better understanding of the history of the region.

Josh Rosenblatt

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