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Community helps Town of Maine boy get wheelchair accessible van

TOWN OF MAINE (WBNG) — 11-year-old Cooper Knapick is sporting some new wheels after his community raised enough money to buy his family a wheelchair accessible van.

“This has just opened up a whole new world for us,” said mom Laura Knapick.

The family was struggling to transport their growing son in an unmodified minivan.

That was until longtime neighbor and friend Kim Hayden started ‘Wheels 4 Cooper’ raising about $30,000 through a GoFundMe page started back in July.

“We also got a lot of people that gave a little but like there whole heart was invested and it was beyond anything we ever imagined,” said Kim Hayden.

For one supporter, Super Cooper’s mom, Tara Busch, the fundraiser hit home.

“The community was so supportive of us and our Cooper so we just wanted to turn that around to help as many people as we can and of course anybody named Cooper has got a special place in our hearts,” said Busch.

“Every aspect of Cooper’s life will be that much easier, doctors appointments, like she said sporting events, vacations,” said Joe Knapick, Cooper’s dad.

Laura continues, “It’s just life changing for our whole family.”

Julia Gorman

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