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Twilight Zone-themed Monopoly features local landmarks

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – A classic game with a local twist was unveiled at the Bundy Museum Monday.

Zoneopoly is a new Twilight Zone Monopoly board game. It’s been in the works for more than a year.

The Bundy Museum was brought in on the project to help give it that local feel.

There are quite a few Binghamton tie-ins in the game. Among them, cards with the Bennet Ave. house that Rod Serling grew up in, mentions of Binghamton High School, pictures of the Rec Park carousel, and much more.

“We have many spaces of Rod Serling sites on here already and we are going to be putting on more, including the high school is one property, the foundation is another, the first Serling meat market is another,” said Michael Pipher, a historian at the Bundy Museum who works on things having to do with Rod Serling, including the board game. “All the cards tie into local things, like the new cards I’ve created that aren’t here yet for the mystic seer/Shatner episode.”

The game is still being worked on. Creators hope to release 100 copies by next year’s Serling Festival.

There have already been requests by multiple people.

You can get a look at the game during Tuesday’s “In the Zone: Night Gallery Classics” presentation at the Rod Serling Archive at the Bundy Museum.

Paul Gallager, who writes articles on Rod Serling, will be making his way up from Baltimore for the event.

Viktoria Hallikäär

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