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First look at SUNY Broome’s online radio station ‘The HiVE’

TOWN OF DICKINSON (WBNG) — 12 News got a first look at SUNY Broome Community College’s completely online radio station, the HiVE.

After years of work, instructor Ray Scott said, “We’re ready to let the community, the college and the world know that the hive is alive.”

The station streams all day long, every day of the week. Scott makes each of his students broadcasts live once a week. He says it gives them real world experience.

Before this semester, students recorded with no real audience or outlet for their work. Now, anyone in the world can listen.

“Nobody is in the room with you, but it feels like a thousand people are watching you, so it’s really, really scary and you stutter,” said Senior Chaz Weir.

Weir originally took the class for credit, but now she’s interested in a radio internship.

“People can actually tune in and listen to me and that’s pretty cool,” said Weir.

“I’ve seen so many students so proud of themselves at the end of the semester. That’s the best part,” said Scott.

He hopes the HiVE becomes a full-service radio station in the future.

Click here to listen.

Julia Gorman

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