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Broome County Arts Council unveiling new artisan gallery Friday

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Local artists in Broome County will soon have a new way to connect and showcase their work through a new website and artisan gallery launching this week.

The Broome County Arts Council recently made major changes to the organization, from a new office on 95 Court Street to a brand new logo.

“It’s like a whole new identity, even though it’s the same organization that has been here a long time,” says local artist and Broome County Art Council member, Orazio Salati.

Orazio Salati owns his own gallery on 204 State Street and says the council has been a big positive for his business.

“They add us to their events, we get information from them. If there is anything I would like them to do for us, they are there to help us,” said Salati. “We are one of the successful arts councils because there are many that folded, and there aren’t that many in Upstate New York but it seems to be a strong organization for us which is great.”

With a new website launching on Thursday, the council says it hopes to showcase local artists better than ever.

“I wanted to make sure it appealed to all demographics, but that it was easy to use,” said Nancy Barno Reynolds, executive director for the Broome County Arts Council.

The new site will help connect local artists with other councils across New York.

“We are working on expanding and marketing our artists and sharing our artists so that the artwork here at the gallery and the retail will be kinetic,” said Barno Reynolds.

The council says the site will also allow artists to sell their work online by January 2019.

The organization is also opening a brand new Artisan Gallery, presented by M&T Bank, that will be open to the public on Friday.

“We have three years of exhibitions planned right through March of 2021 of really exciting things. Not typical, I think they are things that will really surprise the community,” said Barno Reynolds.

Even with these changes, the arts council says its mission is the same.

“Our main mission has been to raise money and to fund, Tri-Cities Opera, and Philharmonic, but also we want to support individual artists,” said Barno Reynolds.

The Broome County Arts Council will have its grand opening of the new Artisan Gallery this Friday at 5 p.m.
The event is free and open to everyone.

The event will begin with a public lecture from Dr. Rolf Quam of Binghamton University called “New Perspectives on Ice Age Art.”

From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.the new Artisan Gallery will open with an exhibit titled “Anthropological Perspectives,” featuring artists, Meg Reynolds, and Tom Besom.

The new website will officially launch on Thursday.

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