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Skanaeateles man returns library book that was 91 years overdue, pays fine

AUBURN, N.Y. (WBNG) — A Central New York man paid hundreds of dollars in late fees after finding an library book in his home that had been overdue for nearly a century.

Dr. Paul Karpinski was in the process of cleaning out his attic in Skaneateles while preparing to move Colorado when he found a book called “The Sky Pilot”.

According to a letter he wrote to the Seymour Library in Auburn, the book was 91 years overdue.

Not only did Karpinski return the book, but insisted on paying the overdue fine, which at two cents per day, totaled $670.74.

“When I saw it, and read the letter I thought, ‘That’s what I’m talking about.’ It doesn’t get much better than that,” said Kathleen Sherman, who has worked at the Seymour Library for the more than 30 years.

Karpinski noted he worked across the street from the Seymour Library in Auburn and had fond memories going there as a child and knew he wanted to return the book.

Library officials say the book will not go back into circulation but will be placed in a special section with other historical books.


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