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What to know before heading out to the polls

(WBNG) — The commissioners of the Broome County Board of Elections want voters to be prepared before heading to the polls Tuesday.

Republican Commissioner, Oliver Blaise, says nearly 8,000 new voters have registered in Broome County since the summer.

“We’re thrilled. the more people we can get registered to vote, the happier we are. And probably, as everyone is aware this is a very politically active climate this year and we’ve got some very important races on the ballot, so we weren’t necessarily surprised to see the uptick,” said Blaise.

For those new to the voting process, Democratic Commissioner, Phil Grommet, says it’s a simple process.

“Most people go in and out in a matter of minutes. You go in, there are typically four poll inspectors standing behind a table they ask you for your name, you give them your name. They find your name in the poll book, you sign your name in the poll book. You get the ballot, fill it out and put it in the machine, and then you’re done.” said Grommet.

On election day, only select people need to bring a form of identification.

“New York State does not require a voter ID. There are only a select few instances where a voter might be asked for identification, the most typical one is if they are a first time voter,” said Blaise.

Both commissioners say their advice ahead of elections, is to look up your specific polling location, arrive early to avoid long lines, and be patient if there are wait times.

As for security, both say your New York State takes extra precautions to ensure your privacy and security of votes.

“There are separation borders in the poll booths, so that when you fill [the ballot] out no one should know who you vote for. The voting system in New York is very secure, we use card chips that are not hooked up to the internet, those get brought back to our office,” said Grommet, “we do have paper copies to back them up.”

You can find your polling location and information on which candidates you can vote for here. 

Jackie Prager

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