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Larry Sharpe stops in Binghamton to rally supporters

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Libertarian candidate for governor of New York stopped by Galaxy Brewing Company in downtown Binghamton Saturday and he had a message for voters ahead of the election.

Larry Sharpe says that people are sick and tired of the corrupt politicians in Albany which makes him the perfect outsider candidate.

Sharpe has never held political office, but did run for the vice presidential nomination of his party last year.

Sharpe believes one of the biggest problems facing New York is its declining population.

“Over 100,000 New Yorkers leaving every single year, a million since His Majesty King Andrew the Second has taken the throne, I mean you just can’t have that many people leaving. That’s unsustainable, can’t work, we have to make it so that people want to stay in New York,” Sharpe said.

Some of his campaign promises include removing unfunded mandates, repealing the NY SAFE Act, and finding a way to encourage people to come and stay in New York.

“The number one thing to do is stop bribing big business to come here and instead support small business, new ideas like hemp, cannabis, blockchain, Bitcoin, vaping, all these new ideas and concepts, let them come here and let them thrive here,” Sharpe said.

One of his opponents, Marc Molinaro, (R), also stopped by Binghamton on Saturday to hold a rally at the Holiday Inn.

Josh Rosenblatt

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