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Police investigating incident at Owego Apalachin school

OWEGO (WBNG) — The Owego Police Department is investigating an incident that occurred between a student and a school resource officer (SRO) on November 2 at Owego Free Academy.

The Owego Police say the SRO was investigating an issue in the lobby of the high school at around 11:35 a.m.  When speaking to one of the students involved, a 16-year-old male, the student became disruptive and aggressive.

Police say the SRO attempted to escort the student out of the area when a struggle ensued, but was ultimately removed from the school.

In response the Owego Apalachin School District released this statement:

“On Friday, November 2nd, an incident occurred in the lobby during a lunch period at Owego Free Academy.  The School Resource Officer (SRO) intervened in an altercation between high school students.  The incident ended with a student being arrested by the SRO.  The SRO is an officer with the Owego Police Department, that is contracted to work with the district.  The school district will continue to cooperate with the Owego Police Department as this incident is a police matter.  The district is conducting its own investigation, and due to student privacy, cannot comment further.  The Owego Apalachin Central School District is committed to maintaining a safe environment for all students and staff.”

The investigation is ongoing.

Matthew Benninger

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