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Rain returns as temperatures rise once again

Monday: Cloudy with a 60% chance of showers, mainly light. Winds: SE 10-15 mph, High: 48 (44-50)

Monday night: Mostly cloudy with a 20% chance of spotty showers. Winds: SE 5-10 mph, Low: 45 (43-47)

Election Day: Cloudy with a 90% chance of rain, heavy at times, with a few rumbles of thunder. Breezy at times too. High: 58, Low: 45

Forecast Discussion

Rainfall over the next couple of days will be caused by two consecutive lows riding through the Ohio Valley to the northeast. The first, which comes tomorrow, will pass by to the northwest of the Twin Tiers. Overall, this is going to be the weaker of the two lows, so rainfall, while spread out across the whole viewing area, should be fairly light. We catch a break for a little bit Monday night, as we’ll be in between systems. For Election Day, that low is going to be the more potent of the two. With ample available moisture, this low will have fairly steady rainfall, with a few rumbles of thunder possible, through the day. Ponding of water is certainly possible, but no flood issues are anticipated at this time.

Beyond that, the rest of the week looks fairly quiet. While we warm back up a good bit through Tuesday, the rest of the week we’ll see temperatures cool right back down again. Coming with that though, is plenty of dry time. Another ridge sets up for us Wednesday and Thursday starting off the quiet weather. Friday we’ll have more rain come in, though no where near as widespread as Tuesday. Enough cold air may mix in that some mixed rain/snow showers could be possible at higher elevations. Next weekend looks dry and chilly with highs in the 30’s.

Damon Matson

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