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Director to shoot film in parts of the Southern Tier

(WBNG) — By next year, you can expect to see the Greater Binghamton Airport and downtown Binghamton on the big screen.

“We’re just excited to have them up here,” said Greater Binghamton Airport Deputy Commissioner of Aviation Mark Heefner. “It’s another opportunity for us to let the community know that the airport’s here for them. It’s here for people to use.”

Daniel Masciari, an Ithaca College graduate, is writing and directing his first feature film, “Stationed at Home.”

The film won’t be playing in color.

“I just love the look of the city at night time in black and white,” said Masciari. “The whole film takes place at night.”

Masciari says he did it with a purpose.

“We’re able to have these characters sort of going around the city in just empty,” he said. “So it really just captures the beauty and the magic of the city.”

It’ll be a comedy about misfits with a sense of meaning.

“The film is very much about unity, the meaning of home, and finding home, rather than searching, rather than going away from home to find home,” explained Masciari.

He lived outside the city of Binghamton for some time, which drew inspiration for the film’s location.

“The film couldn’t be made anywhere else,” he said. “I’ve become really drawn to the architecture of Binghamton and the people who have welcomed me there.”

Masciari has been working with the cast and crew for nearly three years, hoping to take viewers to new heights with familiar scenery.

“Everyone is just going to bring this film to life,” he added.

Members of the cast and crew have ties to Central New York, Ithaca and the Binghamton area.

The cameras will start rolling next February.

The director is hoping to have the film premiere somewhere in the city of Binghamton by December 2019.

To learn more about the director and the film, click here and here.

Esperanza Gutierrez

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