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Binghamton University extends Dempsey’s contract two seasons

VESTAL (WBNG) — Binghamton University announced on Tuesday, men’s basketball head coach Tommy Dempsey’s contract has been extended two years. Dempsey’s contract now runs through the 2020-21 season. The extension will keep Dempsey’s base salary at the same 215-thousand dollars throughout the extension.

According to Binghamton University’s Director of Athletics, Patrick Elliott, the extension came on Tuesday for recruiting purposes with the National Letter of Intent early signing period beginning on Wednesday. Now, potential recruits know who will be the head coach of the Bearcats moving forward.

Binghamton has started the 2018-19 season, 1-2, with the only win coming against a Division-III opponent. Dempsey’s tenure on the basketball court hasn’t brought many victories to Binghamton. In his six-plus seasons, Dempsey’s career record at BU sits at 48-140. Elliott says Dempsey is not solely being judged on his win-loss record.

“When he first came in, his mandate was to get us to where we’re a quality program with high academic standards and good citizens,” said Binghamton University Director of Athletics Patrick Elliott. “And that’s what we were working for from the get-go.”

Elliott admits he would have liked more wins the past two season, but said he is confident the Bearcats can win moving forward.

More from Binghamton AD Patrick Elliott:

“Tommy Dempsey, to me, there’s never been a question, to me, he is the right coach for this program.”

“Today is critical, because tomorrow begins the signing period.”

“I’m confident we can win. I’m confident that we can win going forward.”

Tommy Dempsey on his contract extension:

“It lets everybody know, the guys that are in the program, this is our coach, and the guys on the recruiting trail with signing period coming up, that I’m going to be here.”

“I still believe success at this level is making the NCAA tournament.”

“I think the disappointing part to me is that we’re 23-40 in the last two years.”

“When people believe in you, it’s a powerful thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a little kid or one of our student-athletes or an adult. So, we’re very grateful to be given an opportunity to continue to do our jobs here.”

Dempsey’s coaching resume at Binghamton: 

2012-13: 3-27

2013-14: 7-23

2014-15: 6-26

2015-16: 8-22

2016-17: 12-20

2017-18: 11:20

2018-19: 1-2

Total: 48-140

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