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Local police agencies rush to the rescue for turkey drive

(WBNG) — Agencies teamed up Thursday morning, responding to a call for help from Broome County Catholic Charities.

The Thanks-4-Giving turkey drive has a goal of collecting 4,000 turkeys by Friday night, and as of Wednesday night, only around 900 were collected.

“This year more than ever, we are very low. I’m not sure if it’s the weather, if it’s Thanksgiving coming a little earlier than normal, but we are really far from our goal,” said Catholic Charities Manager of Emergency Services, Mary Whitcomb.

That’s when local law enforcement stepped in.

Johnson City Police, Johnson City Fire, Vestal Police, Binghamton Police, Endicott Police, and the Broome County Sheriff’s Office all gathered at the Johnson City Walmart Thursday Morning.

“What you see is camaraderie,” said Johnson City Police Association President Jody Kennedy. “Police officers, firemen, we all work together, you know. We got each others’ backs and when we can come together as a group, we can help more. Instead of one agency helping out, we’ve got everybody here. It just shows the public how much we care, and how we work together.

They purchased turkeys, filled their cars, and then paraded to the collection site located at the Vestal Walmart.

Nearly 250 turkeys, totaling $4,000, were dropped off into the donation trailer.

“It is something that we can’t thank them enough for. It is. Every year they have our backs. They help us out. They are just great community representatives,” said Whitcomb.

The Johnson City Police Department says helping the public is what they do.

“Our jobs as public safety officers are to help the public and we help them in more than responding to their house for help, or a car accident. We’re out here today to make a donation and to help the community, because they need it. Catholic Charities need our help. They’re calling for help and we’re going to help them by donating as many turkeys as we can,” said Kennedy.

Now the department is challenging you to help before the drive ends, by dropping off a turkey at the Vestal Walmart.

It’s the third year Johnson City Police has teamed up with other agencies to make a large donation.

Catholic Charities says it’s all a part of the season of giving.

“It’s what, I think, Thanksgiving is all about. Community, and caring, and really getting things done.”

The drive ends Friday around 8 p.m., but Catholic Charities says if it is getting close to it’s goal, it will stay out later.

Annie Flaherty

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