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WBNG’s No Shave November Phone Bank raises more than $4,000

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — Thursday’s snowy conditions didn’t stop many from calling in and donating to this year’s No Shave November Phone Bank, which raises money for prostate cancer research.

Thanks to our community, this year’s phone bank raised $4,253 for the American Cancer Society.

“I’m pretty sure we doubled even what we did last year so thanks to the entire community. It just feels really good to have that support,” Heather Brewster, community development director of the American Cancer Society, said.

Storm Track 12 Chief Meteorologist Howard Manges grows out his beard every November to support prostate cancer awareness.

“We started this whole no shave thing as a fun way to do it and you know to have the community come on board like that and raise that type of money is, it’s really something else,” Manges said.

While the money raised will benefit prostate cancer research, the impact goes beyond donations.

“I think the gain is education. I think there’s some numbers that I think it’s one in nine men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and I think you just have to remember those numbers and encourage people to get checked and encourage people to do the right thing and not ignore these things,” WBNG General Manager Bob Krummenacker said.

Brewster said people should always be thinking about their health.

“At age 50 is when you start to get to the age where you might want to have that conversation with your doctor. There’s a high survival rate for it but you definitely want early detection,” Brewster said.

If you’re interested in learning more about prostate cancer, visit for more information.

Grace Gagnon

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