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With the help of the Broome County Sheriff’s Office and others, a Mississippi man returns home

TOWN OF DICKINSON (WBNG) — What started off like every normal call to the Broome County Sheriff’s Office, soon turned into one deputies said they will never forget.

“You just never know what the call is going to be and how far it’s going to go. Every day is an adventure out here on Highway Patrol,” said Shaun Carnevale, a sergeant with the sheriff’s office.

When Sergeant Carnevale and Deputy Richard Merrill arrived at the Mirabito on Downs Avenue in the town, they came across 80-year-old Robert Willis Grant, who was halfway through quite the journey.

Grant lives in Canton, Mississippi, about 1250 miles from where he was found. He regularly does business in New Jersey but didn’t tell any of his family members when he left on Monday. By Tuesday morning, he had become disoriented and lost and ended up in the Town of Dickinson.

The gas station workers noticed he appeared confused and called the police, who Grant’s brother-in-law said could not have been any more helpful.

“I’ll tell you I’ve never dealt with anyone, law enforcement or otherwise, as kind, as helpful, and as considerate as Rich Merrill and the Broome County people,” said Thomas Edward Hill, who lives about 100 miles away from his brother in Grenada, Mississippi.

Hill and Grant’s other family members flew to Syracuse, where Deputy Merrill met them to help get Grant home.

Hill said being from the South, he hears a lot about New York and the people of New York on the news, but that this event had really opened his eyes to our area.

“This really has changed my mind about New York. I’m going to come back and visit some more. I’m especially coming back to Binghamton, that’s a wonderful community,” Hill said.

The Broome County Sheriff’s Office said its officers were just doing their job, but that it was proud of the work they had done.

Josh Rosenblatt

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