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Video Games Live performs at Binghamton’s Forum Theatre

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The worlds of video games and symphony orchestra met Friday at Video Games Live.

The award winning concert gives live performances of music of some of the world’s most popular video games.

It was performed by The Binghamton Philharmonic and Binghamton University’s Harper Chorale at the Forum Theater.

They played everything from Super Mario to World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy.

It’s all led by Tommy Tallarico, who plays guitar for the shows and is a video game music composer himself.

“The reason I created the show is I wanted to prove to the world how culturally significant and artistic video games have become, but also help usher in a whole new generation of young people to appreciate the arts and to appreciate the symphony,” says Tallarico.

For a special encore performance of the Pokemon theme song, Jason Paige took the stage, who recorded the vocals for the original theme song from 1997.

“They’re just the perfect audience,” says Paige. “They’re so enthusiastic and they’re so loving and giving. The meet and greet sessions afterwords completely surprised me about how important and impactful the whole Pokemon ecosystem has been on their lives. How much they’ve learned, how much they’ve grown, how much it’s helped them through times and hardship and trauma and inspired them to be the very best like no one ever was.”

David Caya

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