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Security Mutual employees ‘Sock Out Cancer’ on National Sock Day

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Tuesday, December 4 is National Sock Day and employees at Security Mutual in Binghamton put on their favorite pair for work.

Security Mutual employees wore their “Sock Out Cancer” socks in solidarity with cancer patients, survivors, and their families. Security Mutual leaders say they’re elated by the love and support shown by this community.

“It’s, it’s really magical. You know, in terms of everyone is really on board, really supportive, and I think it’s just a demonstration: It’s not only our employees, but the company as a whole really get behind this particular initiative, and really making a difference in people’s lives,” said Security Mutual Executive V.P. Rick Wortman.

These rainbow-colored socks can be purchased at local hospitals, as well as at any Mirabito gas station.  They cost $10 per pair.

All proceeds go toward helping families affected by cancer. The money specifically helps financially-distressed families pay for basic expenses such as rent, mortgage payments and utilities while they focus on fighting cancer or supporting their loved ones afflicted with the disease.

Dan Conklin

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